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My frustration battling addictions (drugs, porn) and the confusion of trying to see where I fit in society culturally (both of my adoptive parents are white) led me to journal my life in an attempt to try and make sense of it all. That journal led to me self-publishing my autobiography. As I began to see daylight, I began to share my story. Doing so gave me power over my life and inspired me to share my process and story of recovery and spiritual growth with others.

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About Larry

The combination of expressing myself in multiple ways to share with the largest possible audience birthed the explicit version of my autobiography. Making a podcast was the most organic move to follow up with my written story. The podcast allowed me to get used to expressing my views through a different platform and allowed me to cross-market my books as a reference for each podcast topic I covered.

I was born in New Jersey and moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan when I was one month old to live with my adoptive family. After graduating from Grand Rapids Christian High in 1988, I attended Aquinas College. After 4 years of college life, I made the move to Detroit. I came back to West Michigan in 2004. In 2020, I married Jonetta Minter (Yff).


Are the emotional battles dealing with addiction, interracial adoption or really any situation keeping you from giving and receiving love, discovering your purpose or causing confusion in your life? My life story is proof-of-concept for this process of taking control of your life and helping you get the love and respect you deserve.

I walk hand-in-hand with you; helping you find the solutions you need to move ahead, inspire others and live a more productive life.

This podcast is based on the book “White, Confused, Black and Christian – the Autobiography of Larry A. Yff“.

Ep. #199: 2 songs by Leonardo Paris. Music only. "White, Confused, Black and Christian – the Podcast"

Music only. — Send in a voice message:
  1. Ep. #199: 2 songs by Leonardo Paris. Music only.
  2. Ep. #198 "Guest Michael Shuman: investing, creating local stock markets, finance…"
  3. Ep. #197 “COVID beat Jesus”
  4. Ep. #196 “Man with a Plan”
  5. Ep. #195 "Good Sex"


The book series supports cultural diversity, employee, and management training. Personal and business development plans are also a part of my “Your View Matters” book series material.

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White, Confused, Black and Christian: The Autobiography of Larry A. Yff (explicit version)

Has suicide, depression or addiction affected your life? Your view on any given situation can elevate you with a purpose… or it can lead to destruction. It’s your choice based on your view. My view on life led me to addictions to sex, drugs and violence until I learned that controlling my view was the key to controlling my happiness and my future. “White, Confused, Black and Christian” shows you by my life’s example how to master the art of “count it all joy.” I put it all here comically, graphically and with brutal honesty to show you that your view matters and so do you.

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Orgasms, American Slavery and God: the Master Plan (Your View Matters)

God has a plan for everything…especially orgasms and American Slavery. Here’s how that looks…

Book cover for Kings, Queens, and Killers by Larry A. Yff.

Kings, Queens and Killers (Your View Matters) by Larry A. Yff (Paperback)

This book will help you realize the power you have from birth and how to tap into it.  It will help you become physical and spiritual warriors who are willing to fight to the death for a worthy cause…the ONLY cause:  God’s glory and your happiness.  There are examples of the successes and failures from people who lived centuries ago that you can learn from.  This book walks you through that process to make you the happiest, most successful “you” that you can be.

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